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Popular music belongs to any of a number of musical genres, and stands in contrast to art music, and traditional music which was disseminated orally. Although popular music sometimes is known as "pop music", the term pop music usually refers to a specific musical genre.

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Afterglow v4   player controlDemo song

Afterglow v4

£ 34.95
This is Gold   player controlDemo song

This is Gold

Regular Price: £ 44.90

Special Price: £ 31.43

Analogue Signature Reason ReFill from Moog, Korg and Waldorf synthesizers   player controlDemo song

Analog Signature

£ 34.95
Vocal Attack - Special Bundle   player controlDemo song

Vocal Attack - Special Bundle

Regular Price: £ 45.00

Special Price: £ 31.50

Vocal Attack Astrid Edition - Bundle   player controlDemo song

Vocal Attack Astrid Edition - Bundle

£ 32.00
Cinematic Future Sounds   player controlDemo song

Cinematic Future Sounds

Regular Price: £ 42.95

Special Price: £ 30.07

Electro Dub Vol. 1   player controlDemo song

Electro Dub Vol. 1

Regular Price: £ 46.95

Special Price: £ 32.87

Neo Soul Keys   player controlDemo song

Neo Soul Keys


Regular Price: £ 51.49

Special Price: £ 36.04

Groove Bias   player controlDemo song

Groove Bias

Regular Price: £ 49.95

Special Price: £ 34.97

bitBUMPER Deluxe v2 - Minimal Textures and Samples for 8-bit Music   player controlDemo song

bitBUMPER deluxe v2

£ 34.95 is the home of Chillout Sounds, Electro Samples, House Samples, Hip-Hop Samples, Techno Samples, Deep House and Progressive Loops, Minimal House Loops and Cinematic Samples.