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Popular music belongs to any of a number of musical genres, and stands in contrast to art music, and traditional music which was disseminated orally. Although popular music sometimes is known as "pop music", the term pop music usually refers to a specific musical genre.

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  1. Southside Vol. 2     player controlDemo song

    Southside Vol. 2

    £ 15.95
    Southside Vol. 2: Dirty South Construction Kits comes with six Trap and R&B flavoured bangers.

    This product gives you all the stems you need to create the next mega hit. Learn More
  2. Peaktime Trance MIDIS     player controlDemo song

    Peaktime Trance MIDIS

    £ 12.50
    Planet Samples returns with 30 memorable MIDI chord progressions to give your tracks the breath of the Trance dancefloor.

    These perfectly resolving chord progressions have been designed for EDM genres that require melodic, catchy chords from Uplifting Trance to Progressive and even Electro House. Learn More
  3. Trip Hop Aroma     player controlDemo song

    Trip Hop Aroma

    £ 24.95
    Trip Hop Aroma gives you special genre-based sounds: Massive Beats, Cinematic Vibes, Psychedelic Tunes, Trippy Atmospheres, and a wide range of Instruments including loops and one-shot samples of Piano, Rhodes, Double-Bass, Cello, Violin, Trumpet, Synthesizers, Brass, Percussion, Scratch and many more. Learn More
  4. Breakdown Vocals     player controlDemo song

    Breakdown Vocals

    £ 28.00
    The pack contains five vocal Construction Kit folders with full vocals, verses, choruses (dry and wet), and all the WAV stems of melodic parts and MIDI files that were used to create the demo song. Learn More
  5. Analogue Crafted Kickdrums   player controlDemo song

    Analogue Crafted Kickdrums

    £ 11.90
    Analogue Crafted Kickdrums from Engineering Samples contains 24 bass drum loops at 120 bpm inspired by some of the biggest names in House music.

    All loops are key-tagged and ready to drop into your sequencer. Learn More
  6. Gangsta Game Vol. 1 Dirty South Construction Kits   player controlDemo song

    Gangsta Game Vol. 1 Dirty South Construction Kits

    £ 9.45
    Gangsta Game Vol.1 Dirty South Construction Kits is six outstanding Trap bangers in a tempo range from 59 to 79 BPM.

    This first volume is inspired by top artists like Wacka Flocka Flame, Wiz Khalifa, and Ace Hood. Learn More
  7. EDM Reverb Presets   player controlDemo song

    EDM Reverb Presets

    £ 9.99
    EDM Reverb Presets from HighLife Samples is an EDM Reverb Presets pack featuring 55 presets for the Valhalla Vintage Reverb plugin. Learn More
  8. Mainroom Club Nights For Sylenth Vol. 4   player controlDemo song

    Mainroom Club Nights For Sylenth Vol. 4

    £ 10.00
    'Mainroom Club Nights Vol 4 For Sylenth' features 65 fresh patches to fill up your Sylenth1 VSTi. Learn More
  9. Pure Synth Platinum   player controlDemo song

    Pure Synth Platinum

    £ 119.95
    Have you ever wondered why you could never find a software synthesizer that is as good sounding and flexible as the hardware synthesizer/keyboards such as a Motif, Fantom, or Kronos? Have you ever wished you could just pull up an array of patches and sounds just like you would with your hardware keyboard or synth?

    Remember the old days when a synth or keyboard had a ton of sounds that did not sound realistic, but had a ton of character, expressiveness, and was just down right fun to play?

    Well, this is what Pure Synth Platinum (PSP) is! Learn More
  10. Trance MIDIS   player controlDemo song

    Trance MIDIS

    £ 14.95
    Trance MIDIS from HighLife Samples provide you with all the most wanted MIDI files and Spire VSTi presets you will ever need to get your tracks to the top of the charts. Learn More
  11. Chilling Session Vol. 1   player controlDemo song

    Chilling Session Vol. 1

    £ 14.95
    Chilling Session Vol. 1 brings you the spirit of the dawn afterparties, hanging out on the beach and watching the sunrise while dancing. Learn More
  12. Omnisphere Cinematic Bundle   player controlDemo song

    Omnisphere Cinematic Bundle

    £ 29.95
    This bundle includes ALL Audiority Omnisphere Cinematic series soundbanks at a bundle price – save over 30% compared to single products. Learn More
  13. Driving Force   player controlDemo song

    Driving Force

    £ 14.95
    100 inspiring, dark, sinister rhytmic Omnisphere texture presets for Ambient, Film, Soundtrack and Underscore. Learn More
  14. Sweet Dreams Vol 1.   player controlDemo song

    Sweet Dreams Vol 1.

    £ 15.95
    Sweet Dreams Vol 1: RnB Construction Kits from Loopoholics starts a brand new RnB series.

    Each composition is inspired by top artists such as Chris Brown, Omarion, Drake, giving you all pieces you need to produce the best tracks ever heard. Learn More
  15. Smashing Big Room Kick Drums   player controlDemo song

    Smashing Big Room Kick Drums

    £ 11.90
    24 epic bass drum loops inspired by some of the biggest names in the EDM genre, all key-tagged and ready to drop into your sequencer. Learn More
  16. Drum'n Space Vol. 4 Liquid DnB   player controlDemo song

    Drum'n Space Vol. 4 Liquid DnB

    £ 15.95
    This is the fourth incarnation of the excellent Drum'n Space series, with plenty of up-to-date drum and bass stems in WAV and MIDI. Learn More
  17. EDM Drums   player controlDemo song

    EDM Drums

    £ 7.95
    EDM Drums, as its name implies, focuses only of one of the most important part of dance music production, the drum and its separated elements. Learn More
  18. House Of EDM and Progressive Trance For Zebra 2   player controlDemo song

    House Of EDM and Progressive Trance For Zebra 2

    £ 14.95
    House Of EDM & Progressive Trance' from Mainroom Warehouse brings you 128 fresh patches for the very popular U-he Zebra 2. Learn More
  19. Deep Injection Vol. 1: Sylenth1 Presets   player controlDemo song

    Deep Injection Vol. 1: Sylenth1 Presets

    £ 15.95
    Deep Injection Vol 1: Sylenth1 Presets from Loopoholics starts a brand new preset series. Besides 50 Sylenth presets, you'll find 20 chord inspirations in WAV, AIFF and MIDI.

    If you are looking for a product with the freshest deep sounds, then this pack is ideal for you. Learn More
  20. Pool Party Sessions 1   player controlDemo song

    Pool Party Sessions 1

    £ 24.90
    Pool Party Sessions 1 is the latest sample pack from Engineering Samples, including six Construction Kits at tempos ranging from 124-126 BPM.

    From Miami to Ibiza, this pack takes inspiration from the Summer hotspots of Dance music. Learn More is the home of Chillout Sounds, Electro Samples, House Samples, Hip-Hop Samples, Techno Samples, Deep House and Progressive Loops, Minimal House Loops and Cinematic Samples.